Specialized high pressure washers

We provide a wide variety of services from driveway to roof cleaning and residential exterior cleaning. We delight ourselves in being the best-experienced company available in the field to clean your property. We are specialized in the pressure washing and soft washing system. We clean exterior of the commercial property and residential to look like brand new. We are expert in cleaning render, brick & stone surface.

Render Cleaning

We are approved and experience operator for render cleaning. We are able to restore your property as good as it was when new. Your building deserves the best render cleaning team to assure no expensive damages to the elegant surface. Render should not be pressure washed since it can make crack on the delicate surface of the building. Southern pressure cleaning provide you the soft washing process for render cleaning to ensure smooth and even clean on the render surface.

Exterior Building Cleaning

We offer exterior building cleaning for all types of building, from casing cleaning to brick , stone cleaning and concrete cleaning. Dark black, red and green algae can be removed safely from your building exterior surface with Exterior Cleaning & maintenance techniques , practice and methods. Southern pressure cleaning offer safe and cost effective exterior cleaning.

Roof / Fascia’s Moss Removal

Our moist and chill climate promotes the growth of moss, algae and lichen on the roof, that reduces the life of the roof . But with regular moss removal and maintenance the life of your roof can be extended. We use non-aggressive method to clean the roof. First we scrape the moss manually then soft wash the roof and brush the roof with correct dose of chemical which does not affect the building materials. We provide safe and cost effective services

Driveway Cleaning

The driveway is the beautiful and first part of your property. We can clean and restore using our high pressure cleaning systems and also the use of treatments and re-sand the blocks. The Clean driveway will make a best impression for the people on their visit and improve the value of your property. Over driveways become affected by dust, soil, leaf stains, coolant and oil stains, which is unsafe and may result in the concrete or paver surface eroding and pitting. We apply the special cleaning process to make the surface clean and safer.

Patio Cleaning

When spring or summer month arrives would you like to clean your patio . we would help you to make your outdoor living space cleaned for your warm months. An exquisite patio will increase the look and your property value. We will even clean your pool and scrub your floor. We clean your patio using pressure cleaning technique and certain chemicals which does not affect the patio. Our patio cleaning is safer in reasonable price.

Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaner are often more economically and ecologically friendly for your favorite neighbors or stay at home moms. The spread of green algae can make the decking very slippery. If the timber decking is not kept free from algae, the wood can become old and drab looking. Our team apply special deck cleaning process to bring your decking back to its natural state.

Gutter Cleaning

Southern pressure cleaning provide a eco friendly and cost effective gutter cleaning with specialist. Unfortunately, if you do not clean or repair your gutters, they can become consumed by leaves, twigs, and other prevent this damage call us.